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Elevate Physiotherapy is the leading physiotherapy service provider in Singapore. People from all walks of life choose Elevate Physiotherapy to help them stay mobile and achieve their life goals…

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All of us have aches and pains that may come from an active lifestyle, aging, or even having an excessively sedentary…

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Sports Injury

For those who suffer from sporting injuries, we provide a thorough assessment and a personalised plan for you to…

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Clinical Sports Massage

Sports massage, often confused with deep tissue massage, is a therapy which is mainly used to help maintain an individual’s health…

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Post-Operative Rehab

Post surgery rehab is one of the most important step in your recovery. A poorly rehabilitated surgery may cause…

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Functional Training

Functional training is a term used to describe exercises that help you perform activities in everyday life more easily…

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Shockwave Therapy

Its full name is extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT). Extracorporeal simply means outside…

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Radiofrequency Therapy

Targeted radiofrequency therapy is a new treatment that distributes high frequency electromagnetic energy into the desired tissue…

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Clinical Pilates

In Singapore, many physiotherapists recommend Pilates to patients as it is a form of active rehabilitation and injury prevention solution…

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Home Physiotherapy

We offer a home physiotherapy program for those of you who need in-home physiotherapy…

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Please contact them for pre-authorisation of service. You will enjoy direct billing if your insurance company issues a Letter of Guarantee (LOG) indicating the number of sessions approved or the coverage amount.


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Understanding the Connection Between Sleep and Physical Health Sleep is crucial for physical recovery, cognitive...

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Understanding Tendonitis Tendonitis can occur due to sudden, sharp movements or repetitive activities that put...

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Managing Fibromyalgia with Physiotherapy

Benefits of Physiotherapy for Fibromyalgia Pain Relief: Physiotherapy can help manage fibromyalgia pain through various...

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Who is Elevate Physiotherapy?

As a leading physiotherapy clinic in Singapore, Elevate Physiotherapy is determined to listen, care, and deliver the highest quality of therapy to our patients. As movement specialists, our experienced therapists trust in focusing individualized therapies, professional skills, and speedy recovery for our patients. People from all walks of life choose Elevate Physiotherapy among all the physiotherapy clinics in Singapore to help them stay mobile and achieve their life goals.

What makes Elevate Physiotherapy different from others?

In Elevate Physiotherapy, we focus on a goal-oriented therapy for our patients in Singapore. We have well-trained multispecialty therapists who are specialised on sports physiotherapy, post-operative rehab, orthopaedic physiotherapy and neuro physiotherapy.

To ensure a high-quality care, we make sure that we provide one on one customised physiotherapy treatment that is only tailored to individual’s needs and condition. In Elevate Physiotherapy, we believe that personalized and effective patient centred care help to prevent further complications and ensure a speedy recovery. We always listen to our patients before deliver the best care to them. Furthermore, it is also our mission to minimise the chances of injury reoccurrence. Our patients look to us in providing a solution to the underlying cause of their condition as the best way to prevent recurrence.

We understand that suffering body aches and pain can be very depressing, hence we are the only physiotherapy clinic in Singapore that open 7 days a week. It is to make sure that we are always available for you whenever you are looking for physiotherapy treatment in Singapore even in weekends.

Besides, we provide cutting-edge equipment and techniques in our modern physiotherapy clinic in Singapore. Aside from the general equipment that we have like Ultrasound and electrotherapy, we also provide Shockwave therapy and radiofrequency therapy which have been shown excellent results from alleviating pains and discomfort. With the latest technology to reduce pain in order to balance the movement and activate our muscles, our patient’s recovery becomes faster and less reoccurrence.

What is the most common injury in Elevate Physiotherapy?

Back pain is one of the common injuries we have seen every day in the clinic. Our experienced therapists are well trained in providing physiotherapy for back pain in Elevate Physiotherapy. Sports injuries is another common problems people seek for physical therapy in Singapore. As most overuse injuries are sports-related, they may result from any daily repetitive activities, muscle strains or other musculoskeletal dysfunctions. Hence, it is important for our therapist to assess prior to provide the physiotherapy for injuries during the physiotherapy session.

What services we are providing in Elevate Physiotherapy?

In Elevate Physiotherapy, we provide a wide range of services for different conditions and needs. Aside of our physiotherapy service, we provide sports therapy, post-operative rehabilitation, sports massage, functional therapy, and home physiotherapy where you can get your rehabilitation or treatment at your comfort place. As our believe that prevention is better than cure, our treatments are complemented by Clinical Rehab Pilates which is the perfect workout for rehabilitation and injury prevention in Singapore.