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About Elevate Physiotherapy
Elevate Physiotherapy is the leading physiotherapy service provider in Singapore. People from all walks of life choose Elevate Physiotherapy to help them stay mobile and achieve their life goals. Be it to run a marathon, win a competitive sporting event, or simply be able to carry their children, our clients know we can be counted on. Our clients look to us in providing a solution to the underlying cause of their condition as the best way to prevent recurrence.

In addition to our physiotherapy service, we provide home base therapy, talks, workshops and corporate workplace health consultancy work. Due to our believe that prevention is better than cure, our treatments are complemented by Clinical Pilates. These are customised programs aimed at individuals who have various musculoskeletal conditions or to prevent said conditions in the first place. In addition to that, we work with a power lifting gym in preventing injuries and conditioning their clients for competition.

Therapist doing assessment
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Free Assessment
Want to know what is causing your pain and how to treat it? Get to know your body with a free assessment with one of our therapists! You will also discover what it is you can do to keep your body to do the things that you love.
What You'll Get:
Assessment #1
Physical Assessment
Using a thorough subjective and  physical examination, you will discover the root cause of your condition.
Assessment #2 Postural Assessment
You will get a measurable and reproducible postural assessment to understand how your posture affects your condition. We can use the report to track your progress.
Plans and Programs
A customised and personalised treatment plan will be given to you. All you need to do is follow the program and be on your way to recovery.
Elevate Physiotherapy Team
Meet Our Team
Our team have a combined 15 years of experience at managing injuries and painful conditions. We work as a team to rehabilitate patients right from initial injury, post operation, and returning to sports.
Why Choose Elevate Physiotherapy?
Multidisciplinary Approach
At Elevate Physiotherapy, we believe that most conditions are multifaceted. Different contributing factors may cause a person’s conditions including genetics, lifestyle, and environmental factors. These factors may affect different areas of the body and manifest as the condition that someone presents to us with.

Our therapists, therefore, work with clinics of other specialties in the medical and allied health disciplines in order to present our patients with the most comprehensive, complete, and outcome driven treatment options possible
One to One Treatment
Elevate Physiotherapy understands that your time is precious. We show our appreciation to your time with us by never overbooking patients in any time slots. You will always be attended to by a single therapist who will have their undivided attention to you during your treatment time. You will also never find that you are left alone unattended during your session while your therapist attends to another patient. This is our promise to you.
What People Are Saying:
Winsen is very professional and attentive. He listens to ur painpoints and customize a get well plan for me to regain my mobility after my accident. Will highly recommend.
-Nicole Tan
治療師很細心 在結束治療後會教一些皮拉提斯的運動來避免同一個受傷的部位使用過度
- 鄭琬臻
I saw Peh Chia through a friend's referral. The whole process was smooth. She was right on point in assessing my injury and using the appropriate technique to treat me. I feel better after 1 session. Definitely recommend her!
- Colin
Our Free Tips and Exercises:
Piriformis Syndrome
Prevent Runner's Knee
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