Team Profile


Principal Physiotherapist

Always being fascinated with the human body and anatomy since his teenage years, Winsen pursued a degree in Physiotherapy at University of Melbourne, Australia.

Upon Graduation, Winsen began working at Singapore General Hospital (SGH) where he found his passion in musculoskeletal physiotherapy. Through his work there, he had opportunities to be part of the medical team in the Standard Chartered Marathon. During his time in SGH, he was also involved in competitive dragon boating where he began to develop interest in working with competitive athletes with their injuries and conditioning.

Winsen specialised into sports and musculoskeletal physiotherapy in his roles as physiotherapists in Pain Relief Practice and Physioclinic. In 2017, Winsen began working with Elevate 360. He works with the trainers in the gym to create the best plan for their clients in order to prevent injuries or get back to full physical activity after an injury.

In his spare time, Winsen sings with the Singapore Symphony Chorus, plays chess and studies Japanese.

Peh Chia

Rehab Pilates Instructor

Peh Chia is our resident rehab pilates instructor. A keen sportsperson, she has developed a natural interest in the injuries that come from sports. In particular, she is most concerned about prevention of injuries. This led her to pursue a degree in physiotherapy at Northumbria University.

After graduating, Peh Chia practiced in a Malaysian hospital before moving to Singapore to pursue a specialisation into musculoskeletal physiotherapy. While working in Singapore, she gained valuable experiences treating professional dancers and gymnastics athletes of Singapore. While practicing in private practice, her interest in pre and post natal physiotherapy was piqued as she finds women having difficulties maintaining an active lifestyle pre and post childbirth. She then pursued a STOTT Rehab Pilates Instructor certification in order to help with this group and women and also highlight her belief that prevention is a better way to handle injuries.

In her spare time, Peh Chia does pilates, yoga, aerobic, marathon, and manages her own YouTube channel.