Back Pain When Sneezing- Why & What to do?

Spine, Lower Back, Blog, / By Koh Peh Chia

Ah-Choo! Sneezing is something we all do almost every day. But there are some people who get trouble on their back when they sneeze. Yes, I’m not kidding and it’s not funny too! This blogpost will reveal on what can cause back pain when you sneezing, and what you can do to protect your back.

What can cause back pain when you sneeze?

A voilent sneeze can trigger a variety of muscle, bone, and nerve problems, like:

Herniated disc

A sneeze, cough, or other action may cause the inner disc material to push against a nerve and spark a sudden pain.

Muscle strain

Sneezing can put excessive pressure on the muscles in your back and cause a spasm of pain.

Vertebral compression fracture (VCF)

For people with severe osteoporosis, a sneeze or simply climbing a few stairs can cause a VCF.


A sudden sneeze can put pressure on sciatic nerve and cause shooting pain and numbness down to one or both legs.


Should I hold my sneeze in?

A big NO! You could end up bursting your throat badly.


What to do if I have back pain while sneezing?

It’s difficult to ask to engage your core for every sneeze. 

Simple way to do is gently try and get back to a neutral sitting or standing position. If the pain persists beyond the sneeze, take note of where it is. You might also want to take it easy on that day and stay away from vigorous physical activities. See a doctor or physiotherapy for medical help if the symptoms never get better.


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