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Pilates and Yoga: What are the Differences and Which is BEST for Me?

Many people view Yoga and Pilates as ‘the same’ exercise. Most people could not differentiate them and always feel confused about which to choose. Pilates and Yoga are both low-impact practices which focus on breath, alignment, balance, strength and flexibility. However, they are totally different origins and functions. This article will discuss about the 5 differences …

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Cycling Injuries

You may be a casual cyclist who cycles on the weekend with your family, or you may be a cross country cyclist. No matter what kind of cyclist you are, avoiding injuries is paramount to you enjoying the activity. Most cycling injuries are caused by poor bike fit. There are many body parts that can …

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Office Syndrome

Office Syndrome is not an actual disease or condition. It is a collection of conditions that one might suffer due to sitting in front of the computer for prolonged period of time. Office syndrome occurs because we do not practice proper posture when sitting. When we sit over a long period of time, we tend …

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Shoulder Instability

If you have dislocated your shoulder before, you are more likely to do it again. If it happens repeatedly over time, we call this chronic shoulder instability. It happens when the shoulder structures (ligaments, tendons, and muscles) become torn. Essentially, chronic shoulder instability is the inability of these tissues to keep the arm centered in …

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Shoulder Impingement

You may notice pain in the shoulders when doing overhead activities such as cleaning, swimming, painting, or other overhead sports. Chances are, you have what is called shoulder impingement. This is one of the most common shoulder conditions. Shoulder impingement, like the name suggests, results from compression of the shoulder tendon or bursa by the bones …

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Wry Neck

Have you ever woken up with a sudden severe neck pain? For the next few days, you then walk around with your neck slightly tilted and an inability to turn your head to one side due to the pain. This is usually known as torticollis (wry neck). This is a very common condition which can …

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