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3 Signs of Hip Impingement

What is Hip Impingement? Hip impingement, also known as Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI) Syndrome. 2 morphologies of FAI have been described. Cam-type impingement and Pincher-type impingement. Cam-type impingement: Abnormally bony growth at the head of the femur, and cause cartilage damage at anterosuperior acetabular rim. Pincer-type impingement: “Over coverage” of the femoral head by the acetabulum…

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Piriformis Syndrome – A Literal Pain in the Butt

A friend of mine came to me a while ago complaining about having pain that radiates down her right leg. She was at her wits’ end because of her pain. Sitting for a long time and focusing on work was impossible. She has had her condition checked out and had an MRI scan which showed…

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Hip Pain – How Does It Affect Swimmers?

Do you like to swim? I do too. However, if you’re anything like me, you probable never went for a proper swimming lesson. Therefore, the only style that you know is breaststroke, which is the easiest style to learn. However, the breaststroke has a distinct disadvantage of causing hip pain in some swimmers.This is due…

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Hip Impingement – What Is It & What To Do?

In the previous article that I wrote, I talked about hip pain that is experienced by swimmers. One of those condition that I mentioned was hip impingement. It is one of the more common hip condition which can affect you in many of your sporting activities. This article will discuss hip impingement in further detail….

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Compartment Syndrome – Is It Treatable?

Our muscles are divided into compartments by a protective layer called the fascia. Compartment syndrome is a condition where you feel pain in the muscle compartment due to a build up of pressure. As the fascia is not very flexible, any swelling in the muscles usually causes a build up of pressure in the compartment….

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The Glutes – Why Do You Need Strong Glutes?

The glutes are a group of muscles more commonly known as the buttocks. They are the muscles responsible for your hip extension, internal rotation, and abduction. Not only are they responsible for you looking good and attractive, they are also important for your overall health and fitness. The glutes are important in to ensure your…

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Buttock Pain When Sitting – How To Fix It

People often come to us feeling a pain that starts in the buttock and becomes noticeable when they sit down. Sometimes, the pain even radiates down the leg. In this blog, we will share more about this disorder otherwise known as piriformis syndrome and how to fix it. What Is Piriformis Syndrome? The piriformis muscle…

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3 Exercises to Prevent Hamstring Pain

Have you ever experienced pain in the back of the thigh that just won’t go away? Hamstring pain is one of the most common problems among athletes, especially for those taking part in high-speed running or sports involves a repeated change of direction. In today’s blog, we will share about 3 exercises to prevent hamstring…

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Groin Pain – How to Deal with Them

Groin pain can be a niggling injury that causes discomfort and pain among many. It can affect a wide variety of people from elite athletes to the general population. In this week’s blog, we will discuss one the most common form of groin injuries, adductor tendinopathy, and how to deal with them. What Causes the…

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Snapping Hip Syndrome – All You Need to Know

Otherwise known as coxa saltans, this condition is seen commonly among the general population. Snapping hip syndrome brings about worry to some. In this blog, we will explain how the audible noise comes about. Additionally, we also discuss what treatments are available to help this condition. What Is Snapping Hip Syndrome? Snapping hip syndrome is…

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