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How to Prevent Travel Injuries During Holidays

5 Tips to Prevent Travel Injuries During Holidays Most people experience pain and injuries as travel requires deviating from our normal physical routine. It can be due to long-distance walking or prolonged sitting on the flight or even a lousy flat pillow from the hotel. Below are the tips that could save your body and…

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Staying Healthy During Long Flights

What happens to our body during long flights Being cooped up in a metal tin at 30,000 feet has its drawbacks. One of them is that you’re likely experiencing very mild oxygen deprivation. The plane usually has pressurized air, but it will still simulate air at about 6,000 to 8,000 feet. In long flights, this…

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5 Facts about Massage Gun

1. Massage Gun will NEVER Replace Hands. Massage gun can be so popular as it is easy and convenient to use. BUT, it will never replace hands-on therapy such as sports massage. Physiotherapists and massage therapists trained in human anatomy are able to locate tightness areas in order to target deep tissue releases accordingly. 2….

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Fun Facts about the Human Skeleton

Fun Facts about the Human Skeleton Hope this article is useful for you to know clearer about the human skeletal system! If you have any more questions or would like our physiotherapists to assess or treat your back pain, feel free to drop us a question, talk to us, or fill in the form below….

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Esports Injuries Prevention

Types of esports injuries As a Counter-Strike player, albeit a bad one, I have had instances where I felt numbness in my fingers after a gaming session. Sometimes I have also felt pain in my elbow from using my mouse for a prolonged period of time. These are common symptoms of esports injuries. However, there…

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Sex and Back Pain

Communicate The very first thing to do is of course to talk to your partner about it. Having an open communication with your partner helps a lot in reducing any tension. You need to let them know that what they may perceive as loss of interest, is actually your fear of triggering your back pain…

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Vocal Physiotherapy – What Is It?

Why Vocal Physiotherapy Vocal production is something that is affected by multiple factors. It is not only the vibration of your vocal chords. It is the coordination of your breathing, posture, and muscle activation. As such if any of these is out of sync, then you may have some problems with your vocal production. In…

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Preventing Injuries for Instrumental Musicians

What are the Common Instrumental Injuries? Repeated movement, excessive stress, incorrect posture, non-ergonomic technique and insufficient rest can cause different overuse and chronic injuries. For example, carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist and finger pain, shoulder tendinitis, bursitis and so on. What instrumentalists should do to minimize the risk of injuries? We have posted a short video…

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Ankylosing Spondylitis – Can Physio Help?

What causes ankylosing spondylitis? The simple answer is, we do not know. Research so far suggests that the disease is related to the presence of a particular gene called the HLA-B27 gene in your body. However, this is still currently debated and is by no means confirmed. The reality is, we do not know what…