Frozen Shoulder

What is the condition?

A frozen shoulder happens when your arm is unable to move due to the shoulder capsule thickening and tightening. Thus, this restricts the movement of the shoulder and causes shoulder pain.

How do get it?

One of the most common causes of a frozen shoulder is the lack of movement after an injury to the shoulder. During the recovery, certain patients may not move the shoulder very much due to the fear of reinjuring it or they are still encountering pain. Thus, the surrounding connective tissue starts to tighten and thicken.

What problems does it cause?

A very glaring problem that a frozen shoulder causes is the limited range of motion the shoulder can do. In some cases, movement of the shoulder can cause pain. It is also a common occurrence that a frozen shoulder can cause pain even when motionless.

What is this treatment

The treatment for this condition is manual therapy, electrical muscle stimulation and muscle re-education to improve the mobility and stability of your shoulder. During our physiotherapy program the problems that are causing your symptoms will be evaluated and treated. Individualized exercises to strengthen the muscles involved will also be prescribed.

What result to expect?

It should take a minimum of 4-6 weeks for the symptoms to improve.