Upper Cross Syndrome

What is the condition?

Upper crossed syndrome (UCS) is a general term where tightness in certain muscles and weakness in others in the upper half of your body causes an imbalance. The muscles that are tight are your chest and upper back muscles. The muscles that are weak are your mid back and neck muscles. This causes a cross across the body thus the name.

How do get it?

This condition usually comes about due to the individual being in a rounded position for extended periods of time. Thus, the body recognizes this and adapts to this movement that is repeated. Certain situations that can cause to be in this position are using or phone or computers, looking down at our screens.

What problems does it cause?

The most causes for concern that this can cause is neck and shoulder pain as well as the winging of the shoulder blade. These are usually exacerbated by the increased curvature of the neck together with the rounded and elevated shoulders that is presented.

What is this treatment

After a comprehensive assessment, our physiotherapist will employ manual therapy techniques, radiofrequency treatments as well as exercise prescription. This will be a comprehensive release of the muscles as well strengthening.

What result to expect?

You can expect to see an improvement in your condition within 3 weeks.