Clinical Services
Physiotherapy Treatment
Physiotherapy is the core of our services. We focus on getting patients mobile, able to function in their day to day activities, and achieve their goals. As such, our physiotherapy treatments are geared towards patients who have musculoskeletal conditions or those who have just undergone surgery. Apart from post surgical rehabilitation, some of the more common conditions that we treat are ACL injury, herniated discs, cervical/lumbar spondylosis, sciatica, low back pain, and shoulder pain.
Clinical Pilates
Clinical Pilates is an active rehabilitation program conducted by a trained physiotherapist that is suitable and meets the needs of each individual patient. Its aim is to restore full range of movement to the injured area to return each patient to their normal daily routine whilst also preventing further injury. With utilizing some props like foam roller, Flex band and balance equipment, Clinical Pilates can effectively promote patients’ body awareness, postural alignment, core stability, and breathing. Rehab Pilates focuses on strengthening the deep postural muscles of the abdomen and spine to improve overall core stability and posture. This enables more balanced, controlled, and comfortable whole body movement.
Clinical Pilates Session
Sports Massage
Sports Massage
Sports massage, unlike regular massage, is professionally performed massage aimed to help athletes recover from a sporting event or enhance performance ahead of a sporting event. Pre-activity massage is aimed at getting rid of the tension in the muscles, which may be present due to increased load during training, which may hinder performance during the event. Post-activity massage is aimed at helping with recovery of the muscles by helping with blood flow and drainage of lactic acid.
Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a form of specialised massage that to manage primary and secondary lymphoedema. Patient that suffer from lymphoedema typically has it due to burns, sports injury, post operative swelling, venous insufficiency, and post removal of cancer cells
Corporate Services
Corporate Talk
Workshops / Talks / Seminars
Elevate Physiotherapy has a list of topics that we conduct at various corporate clients. These workshops may consist of small activities and health screenings for participants. Topics for these talks range from ergonomics, running, golfing, functional wellness, and many more.
Ergonomic Assessments
Our physiotherapists will come down to your company and assess it for workplace hazards which may potentially cause repetitive strain injuries for your employees. Apart from this, we also do individual workstation assessment for one of your employees who may be suffering from a workplace injury. We will provide a detailed report of how we can mitigate the condition and modify the workstation in order to help your employee remain productive.
Physical Screening
We provide a screening for your employees to see how their body is moving and look for any dysfunctional movement may contribute to any injuries or musculoskeletal conditions in the future. A detailed report will be sent to each of your employees detailing the result of the assessment and recommended activity modification or exercises for them.
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