3 Common Causes of Shoulder Pain

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Another common pain we treat here at Elevate Physiotherapy is injuries related to shoulder pain. In this blog, we will share with you 3 common causes of shoulder pain, its symptoms and how to manage it. It is important to know that these are a few causes of the shoulder pain, there can be other causes of shoulder pain which we will cover in another blog.

Shoulder Impingement

This injury is when your shoulder tendons or bursa get trapped when you raise your arm because of a swelling at your rotator cuff
Symptoms include:
– Pain when reaching across your body
– Reduced range of motion
– Muscle weakness
The best way we recommend managing it is to rest and strengthen
the rotator cuff muscles.

Shoulder Instability

Shoulder instability happens when your ligaments or tendons around your shoulder have been torn before and now cannot support the arm in place anymore. Thus, these injuries usually when happen during a trauma or a forceful contact in situations like contact sports.

The symptoms of shoulder instability include:
– Feeling of shoulder popping out or feeling loose
– Repeated dislocations and injuries

For more information on how to manage shoulder instability, you can visit our previous

Frozen Shoulder

A frozen shoulder happens when your arm is unable to move due to the shoulder capsule thickening and tightening. Thus, this restricts the movement of the shoulder and causes shoulder pain. The symptoms of frozen shoulder include:
– Movement of shoulder causes pain
– Movement of shoulder becomes limited

Although the symptoms of frozen shoulder and shoulder impingement sound similar, the main difference is that shoulder impingement will cause pain at a certain range of motion while frozen shoulders will be painful even when motionless.

  The injuries above are only just 3 out of many other possible causes of shoulder pain. For you to be properly assessed, drop us a message
or call to book an appointment.
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