Pilates for Cyclists- How to Improve Cycling Performance

Pilates, Posture, Cycling, Blog, / By Koh Peh Chia

Have you spotted some tired cyclists rocking their bodies side to side, rounding their backs, and forcing their heads up? Or you yourself as a cyclist also experience some muscle tightness on calves, thigh and even on your low back? In this article, we are going to discover the benefits of Pilates for cyclists.

Pilates for Cyclist

There is a myth that the only way to train cycling is to pedal more journey. However, I have seen many of them still experience pain and discomfort around their bodies. Click here to know more about cycling injuries. Many cyclists are also looking for bike fits, upgrading equipment and following very strict nutrition plan to attempt better cycling performance.

As Pilates is getting more well known, many studios begin to introduce Pilates for cyclists. Indeed, Pilates is one of the regime workout which can effectvely help for cyclist.

The key to Pilates is the proper alignment of the pelvis with each dynamic movement designed to strengthen the body’s core, improve flexibility and mobility of the spine and joints. Below are the 4 key benefits of Pilates for cyclists.

Core Control

Cyclists tend to round their back and rest their weight on their arms when they are fatigue. This poor posture leads the cyclist need to work harder to achieve the same power output. In a result, the cyclist can’t perform well as he or she gets slower and more tired.



Pilates for cyclists is excellent in targeting core control. It is the key to stabilise cyclist on the bike by keeping the spine in a stable position. Pilates focuses on postural muscles which need to be efficient in their power transfer to the pedals. By improving the core strength, the cyclists can effectively increase the power output and improve balance.



Cyclists often develop short hip flexors and an imbalance in their hip extensor muscles caused by being hunched over the bike. This eventually put excessive stress on the lower back and the knees.

Pilates addresses this issue with very specific flexibility and strengthening exercise program, especially on extensor muscles of back and hips. Pilates for cyclists improves their muscle strength without increasing bulk or adding weight. It allows cyclists to ride stronger for longer journey while holding a steady line.

Body Awareness

Increased body awareness allows the cyclists to understand what the body needs and how to work on technique, strength and stamina.

Good body awareness can teach the cyclists how to recognise which workouts lead to injury and which can improve their cycling performance, muscle strength and endurance.


Pilates is a mind-body connection training. It teaches the cyclists on how to carefully observe their bodies and its’ movement while exercising.

Injury Prevention

Most people get injured when their body gets into a position where they have no strength or control. Hence, building strength and flexibility can help in preventing injury from cycling.

Pilates focuses on eccentric control which trains the muscles to contract while stretching. These muscles can remain strong even in more extremely extended position during cycling, which results in less injuries and more control.

We hope this article has been useful for you. Should you have any questions, as always, our therapists will be more than happy to help you here. Do check out our other blog posts on various topics. Below is a pilates exercise demonstrated by our therapist, Peh Chia, which aims at increasing your core control at the same time stretching your thigh. If you are interested in other useful tips and simple exercises, check out our YouTube channel.