What is Rehab Clinical Pilates?

Pilates, Blog, / By Koh Peh Chia

If you are unsure of what kind of exercise you should do because of your injuries and pain, rehab clinical pilates might be for you. This is a slightly different form of pilates. Unlike general pilates, clinical pilates in Singapore combines the original principles of pilates with an emphasis on movement patterns that promote strength and flexibility. In a nutshell, it’s a complement to physiotherapy, especially if you have nagging injuries. Sessions are usually conducted by a physiotherapist. In addition, you will get a personalised exercise program to achieve your goal while avoiding injury or aggravating your current condition and injuries.

What is General Pilates?

In Singapore, Pilates is known for its targeted approach to exercise. It focuses on core muscle activation, strengthening, and stretching of major muscle groups of our body. Joseph Pilates (1883-1967), who invented pilates in the 1920s, combined elements from gymnastics, yoga, and physical therapy techniques to deliver a well-rounded workout. The most popular Pilates exercises are either done on an exercise mat or a reformer machine.

Pilates benefits

In recent years, pilates became one of the most popular form of exercise worldwide. While some of this popularity is due to trend, its benefits of are real. Many research endorses the benefits of pilates. Some of these benefits include relaxation, improved postural awareness, improved strength, increased flexibility, and decreased stress and back pain.

Pilates requires full concentration throughout the exercise. Participants need to focus on breathing, body awareness, body alignment and working the core muscles. As it is a low impact exercise, pilates is suitable for everyone including kids, pregnant women, and the elderly population. You may perform Pilates by using your own body weight or with the assistance of various pieces of props and equipment.

Rehab Clinical Pilates

In Singapore, many physiotherapists recommend Pilates to patients as it is a form of active rehabilitation and injury prevention solution.

Rehab Clinical Pilates is the perfect workout for rehabilitation and injury prevention in Singapore. Similar to traditional Pilates, it focuses on strengthening the deep postural muscles of the abdomen and spine. With few sessions of practice, patients will improve their overall core stability and posture. Rehab Clinical Pilates is a more customised program which aims to restore full range of movement to the injured area without aggravating it. As a result, It helps each patient return to their normal daily routine and even improve performance. by utilizing some props like foam roller, STOTT Pilates, Flex band and balance equipment, Rehab Clinical Pilates effectively promotes patients’ body awareness, postural alignment, core stability, and breathing.

Who needs Rehab Clinical Pilates?

Rehab Clinical Pilates is suitable for wide range of people in Singapore. From those with sedentary-lifestyle to high performing athletes, the low impact nature of pilates makes it a safe way to exercise. Adding Rehab Clinical Pilates into your rehabilitation or exercise plan will boost up your recovery speed and performance.

If you are confused on what exercise to do, we hope Pilates is now an option for you. We hope that this article is useful to you. As always, feel free to contact us if you have further questions. Check out our YouTube channel for some simple Pilates exercises for beginners.

Can I do Clinical Pilates if I have a back injury?

Yes, in fact, Clinical Pilates is specifically targeted for individuals in Singapore with orthopaedic injuries, musculoskeletal injuries and sports injuries. A physiotherapist will identify your posture, cause of injuries, understand your motivation behind rehab and implement exercises that will improve your condition.

What are some exercises done during Clinical Pilates in Singapore?

Exercises done during a Clinical Pilates session in Singapore are performed on Clinical Pilates equipment including the STOTT PILATES Reformers and Cadillac-Trapeze Table. Some examples of movements can be found in General Pilates classes, such as back splits, front splits, standing lunges and supine pull ups. Do speak with a physiotherapist in Singapore to determine which exercises work best for you.

How do I incorporate in Clinical Pilates with my regular workout?

If you already workout regularly or attend pilates classes in Singapore, good! That will help you with your progress.