Back Brace- How Long Should I Wear?

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You may be wondering how long you should wear a back brace before you can take it off. Or wonder if you can wear it for good to avoid from the back pain recurrence. This is one of the common doubts we hear from our patients. In this blog post, let’s us discover how it works on us.

Benefits of Back Brace

There are several types of back brace or lumbar brace which are designed to provide support to the spine by limiting its mobility. It is effective for short-term relief from lower back pain and help in protecting neck and back from poor posture like slouching. Aside from this, it is usually prescribed by doctors to provide spinal stability for injury recovery.

Who Should Wear?

You can wear it as a preventive support if your nature of work requires lifting heavy objects or sitting for prolonged periods of time. Furthermore, the brace can keep your posture well and maintain good spinal support.

There are also some common conditions that may need a back brace as assistance to treat:

  • post-operative recovery
  • slipped disc
  • muscle strain
  • scoliosis
  • osteoporosis
  • osteoarthritis

What Happens ifI Wear Too Long?

Back to the question, what will happen if wear a back brace too long? You will become too reliant on it! As a result, you might lose your muscle strength and get more pain once you remove the brace.

A good lumbar brace is only effective in short term as we need to appreciate how our core muscles work! It is important to activate and strengthen the core muscles for our spinal support to prevent injury recurrence.


Hence, please wear it as advised! The duration of wearing it depends on the severity of your condition too. So please check with your doctor or medical professional!

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