Bad Posture: 5 Myths That You May Know

Pilates, Posture, Blog, / By Koh Peh Chia

Thanks to the advancement of technology. our lives become more convenient and comfortable. However, millions of people are actually suffering from bad posture. In this article, we are going to tell all the myths about bad posture and how we can fix it.

Myth 1: Bad Posture Is Just Generic

Yes, having a bad posture could be genetic, but that doesn’t mean it is completely out of your control. Commonly a bad posture is due to muscle imbalance around our body. Thus, strengthening the core which is the deep abdominal muscles and the muscles closest to the spine can help improve our posture. It can also let us to be able to keep our body straight up for longer time.

Myth 2: Computer-bounded Is Ruining Posture

Yes, this is true. Sitting in front of a computer all day can force you to protrude your neck forward and round your shoulders. This always become the risk factor of getting spinal injuries. To prevent bad posture, an ergonomical designed desks and chairs is always encouraged at work. Take breaks to walk around the office and stretch in every 30 to 45 mins is also advisable to release the muscle tension too.

Myth 3: Slouching Only Makes Us Look Bad

You are wrong. Even if you do not care about your physical look, a bad posture can eventually ruin your body more than what you think. Slouching forces the neck and shoulders to come forward and out from the neutral alignment. This can lead to jaw pains and headaches, and to shoulder and even back pains. Furthermore, the misaligment of the spine can restrict the rib cage expansion, which can damage the heart and lungs, and lead to gastrointestinal issues.

Myth 4: Bad Posture Causes Me Scoliosis

Yes and no. Most cases of scoliosis are idiopathic, meaning they might be from an unknown cause. However, scoliosis only includes side-to-side curves. There are also curves in the front-to-back plane of the spine, and these can be increased or decreased as a result of hunching and slumping, so sit up straight!.

Myth 5: I Can’t Do Anything To Change Your Bad Posture

This is definately untrue. There are exercises that you can do to correct your posture of minimize the effects of bad posture. Joining a Pilates class can help develop this deep core strength and also increase our body awareness.

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