Bad Standing Posture: How it Hurts and How to Fix It?

Blogs, / By Shi Qi Yap
With the advancement of technology, our lives has become more and more convenient. However, millions of people are actually suffering from bad posture because of the sedentary lifestyle.
In this article, we are going to tell you about how a bad standing posture can ruin our body and how we can fix it.

How a Bad Standing Posture Hurts our Body?

  • Spine Deformities

If you stand in a bad standing position for long period of time, your body will start to adapt and creates muscle imbalances. Muscle imbalance can pull your spine and cause an abnormal curve in the spine.
  • Joint Pain

Due to the muscle imbalances and spine curve changes, stress and tension to your joint and muscles can be increased and led to various pains and weakness. Besides, increased tension of joints from spine misalignment eventually causes higher risk of strain and sprain injuries.
  • Respiratory Function

A slouched standing posture causes compression of the ribs . Therefore, the rib cage becomes rigid and stiff and prevents your lungs from fully expanding. Besides, slouched standing can inhibit your diaphragm movement which further affect your breathing.
  • Nerve Impacts

Long term impact of poor standing posture can cause increased tension in spine and may lead to some spinal disc injuries. Nerve can be pinched if spinal disc is protruded and pressing on surrounding structures.

  • Psychological Changes

Individuals with tendencies to slouch and slump can experience a cycle of chronic fatigue. Being seated for extended periods of time slows down all internal processes. Lack of physical activity decrease energy levels of body and even worsens depression and mood

How to Fix it?

When standing, keep these tips in mind:
  1. Stand straight and tall with your shoulders back.
  2. Keep your head level and in line with your body.
  3. Pull in your abdomen.
  4. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart.
  5. Don’t lock your knees.
  6. Bear your weight primarily on the balls of your feet.
  7. Let your hands hang naturally at your sides.
If you have to stand for long periods, shift your weight from your toes to your heels or from one foot to the other.

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Yap Shi Qi
Rehab Therapist

Shi Qi graduated with Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons), awarded by Anglia Ruskin University, UK. Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner (CKTP®). She practiced as a physiotherapist in a Malaysian private physiotherapy center with a special interest in musculoskeletal and neurological rehabilitation. Her previous experience inspired her to combine active approach along with patients’ education to optimize the rehabilitation outcome in sports-related injuries and postural pain.

In her spare time, she enjoys swimming, singing, and playing piano.