How to Prevent Travel Injuries During Holidays

Blogs, / By Koh Peh Chia

Many of us are planning to go on vacation as the holiday season approaches. Indeed, travelling is so much fun yet it can be stressful too as we may expose ourselves to experience pain or injuries on the trip. This article is going to share 5 takeaway tips to avoid from travel injuries during holidays.

5 Tips to Prevent Travel Injuries During Holidays

Most people experience pain and injuries as travel requires deviating from our normal physical routine. It can be due to long-distance walking or prolonged sitting on the flight or even a lousy flat pillow from the hotel. Below are the tips that could save your body and make your holidays more enjoyable.

1.  Plan and Prepare

Prepare your body well prior to the travel. You may establish an exercise routine which includes strengthening, stretching and cardio for the travelling.

2.  Make good choices regarding footwear

Travelling means you might walk for a long distance. Hence choosing the ideal footwear is vital to protect from injuries. Always ensure your footwear is well-fitting and has good arch support.

3.  Avoid repeated bending from the lower back while lifting heavy luggage

Proper lifting technique is important to prevent from any strain or pull on your back. Ensure you bend your hips and knees while lifting your luggage rather than using your waist only. Ensure you brace your abdominals before you lift the luggage or other heavy items as this will help take the pressure off the lumbar discs and help avoid travel injuries.

4.  Avoid prolonged sitting

No matter whether you are travelling by flight or car, make sure you take frequent opportunities to get out of your seat to move. Use lower back support to keep your back in a neutral position when you are driving or riding.

5. Choose your travel equipment carefully 

Use a cross-body handbag or day bag with a wide strap while travelling. A bag that distributes the weight of the bag’s contents across your shoulder and your trunk is preferable to one that is suspended from one shoulder.

Use a rolling luggage and pack minimally to take the load off the lower back and shoulders.

Use a small back support if you typically experience lower back problems. This may be helpful to wear during periods of prolonged sitting.

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Through her clinical experience, she gained valuable experience treating professional dancers and gymnastics athletes. Her interest in pre and post-natal physiotherapy was piqued as she finds women having difficulties maintaining an active lifestyle pre and post-childbirth. She then pursued a STOTT Rehab Pilates Instructor certification to help with this group and women. She also highlights her belief that prevention is a better way to handle injuries.