Knee Pain in Adolescents

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Osgood Schlatter is a common knee pain seen, especially among adolescents. In this blog, we will explore more about this condition. Furthermore, we will share more on how we can help manage the pain.

What causes the Knee Pain?

The ability of the quadriceps muscles being unable to stretch sufficiently and maintain flexibility as there is growth of the tibial tubercle causes the knee pain. This is a protrusion on your shin bone. The patellar tendon which attaches to the muscles of your quadriceps, is also attached to the tibial tubercle. Thus, there is an increase in tension across the knee joint. Therefore, this causes the pain, known as Osgood-Schlatter Disease.

Symptoms of Osgood-Schlatter

These are some of the common symptoms of Osgood-Schlatter that you may observe

– Increase in bony protrusion at the knee

– Increase in pain with activity, such as running and jumping

– Pain upon touching the tibial tuberosity

– Pain when the quadricep muscles is resisted isometrically

What Can We Do to Help the Knee Pain?

Initially, it would be important that the patient suffering from Osgood Schlatter rests from vigorous activity and ices the painful area. Here at Elevate Physiotherapy, we manage the pain with releasing of the muscles as well as a slow reintroduction to activity that is modified and progressive. This has shown to reduce the pain from 7/10 to 2/10. Additionally, nearly 70% of those who were suffering from Osgood-Schlatter Disease return to sport within 6 months.

If you are unsure if you or your child is suffering from Osgood Schlatter, feel free to contact us to book an appointment for one of our therapists to diagnose your knee pain.

Winsen Citra

Principal Physiotherapist



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