Preventing Injuries for Instrumental Musicians

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Similar to professional athletes, musicians perform for the public and they could lose their job if they suffer some debilitating condition which affects their ability to perform on their instruments.
Thus, preventing injury for instrumental musicians should be high on the list of priorities for anyone planning to go to music school or who is already there.
In this article, we are going to tell you about how instrumental musicians can prevent injuries and pain as a result of playing their instruments.

What are the Common Instrumental Injuries?

Repeated movement, excessive stress, incorrect posture, non-ergonomic technique and insufficient rest can cause different overuse and chronic injuries. For example, carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist and finger pain, shoulder tendinitis, bursitis and so on.

What instrumentalists should do to minimize the risk of injuries?

  • Always Warm Up

Warming up carefully is one of the ways for instrumentalists to minimize the risk of hurting themselves while practicing.
  • Take Breaks and Relax

Take longer breaks every hour and shorter breaks every few minutes. Find opportunities to relax a hand, arm, or embouchure during performance to restore circulation.
  • Check Out Your Instruments

Is your instrument set up optimally for you to be able to play without putting too much stress on hands or other joints?

  • Evaluate Your Skills and Technique

Avoid rigid, tense positions, use large muscle groups whenever possible, reduce force, and keep joints in the middle of their range of motion.

  • Pay Attention to Your Body and Posture

Maintaining in an awkward posture creates muscle imbalance, stress and tension to your joint. This can lead to various pains and weakness in your body. Pain is a signal that your body trying to tell you something is wrong, so listen to your body, stop playing and take a break when it hurts.

  • Get Medical Attention

Never delay in seeing doctor. Neglection of the pains and problems can further cause disability, and even lead to the end of your careers. A few months of rest is much better than suffering a permanent, career-ending injury.

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Yap Shi Qi
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