Snapping Hip Syndrome – All You Need to Know

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Otherwise known as coxa saltans, this condition is seen commonly among the general population. Snapping hip syndrome brings about worry to some. In this blog, we will explain how the audible noise comes about. Additionally, we also discuss what treatments are available to help this condition.

What Is Snapping Hip Syndrome?

Snapping hip syndrome is a condition that is characterized by an audible snapping noise that comes about when there is movement of the hip joint. There are 3 main types that will cause this sound: external, internal and intra articular. For the external and internal form of snapping hip syndrome, it is caused by a muscle snapping over a portion of the thigh bone. However, for the intra articular form, its causes are still unknown.

Symptoms of Snapping Hip Syndrome

– Snapping/popping feeling at the hip joint when there is movement
– Weakness/ feeling of the leg giving way when sound id heard
– Pain when moving the leg in daily activities such as walking/getting out of the chair
– Swelling of the hip

What Treatment Should I Seek?

You should not be alarmed if you are facing this issue. Furthermore, many people experience this issue, and it is infrequent. If you are not feeling any pain or discomfort, no treatment is needed.

However, if you are facing swelling or pain especially in the hip, it is important that you seek treatment. Physiotherapy helps with prescribing exercises and a non-operative form of rehab for this issue.

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment for our therapist to treat your painful hip, feel free to contact us or drop us a message.


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