Sports Bra- Is it Causing My Back Pain?

Pilates, Posture, Blog, / By Koh Peh Chia

Sports bra seems to be a trend among all the women, no matter if you are going for your exercise routine or coffee dates.  As a rehab Pilates therapist, I always encounter my clients complaining their sports bras pinches and pokes on their shoulders and back. So, is the sports bra really killing your back? Then what is the reason of wearing it? Let’s check it out.

Why Sports Bra?

Sports bras are initially designed to counter the effects of exercise on the breasts, reducing the boobs-bouncing and supporting your breast while doing your workout. A perfectly fitted bra can correct a woman’s posture which not only for the postural changes but also make your feel confident. 

How can It Hurt My Back ?

If the sports bras are meant to help our body support, then why we still get pain from it? Well, it is because your sports bra is not doing its job at all!

The key reason is that most women are wearing wrong size bra, especially for women with a fuller bust. Without a well support around the bust during the workout, they might have to lift and round the shoulders as a compensation. As a result, they might develop weak back muscles and tight chest muscles. Hence, they tend to hunch and roll their shoulders forward, causing several postural issues.

What Problems will I Get if I Wear It Wrong?

Aside of having postural issues from wearing a incorrectly fitted sports bra, many women also experience:

  1. stiff neck
  2. headaches
  3. back pain
  4. difficulty in breathing

Remember, a properly fitted bras will support you better and boost your confidence! Don’t let the ill-fitting sports bras ruin your life!

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