Telephysio – What is it?

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I am writing this to you today from the comfort of my home and not the clinic. Today happens to be the first day of the government mandated circuit breaker suspension period due to Covid-19. We made an announcement yesterday that we will be providing you with telephysiotherapy. This means that most of the consultation and guidance for exercises will be done online. Let me tell you more.

What is telephysio?

Simply put, it is an online physiotherapy session. You will be seen by a physiotherapist via a video call. An assessment of your movements and a subjective examination will be conducted via the video call. Your physiotherapist will also go through your exercise program with you in order to help with your condition and ensure that the rehhabilitative exercises are done correctly.

Who qualifies to be seen online?

During this circuit breaker period, everyone will have to resort to telephysio unless their condition falls under the list of essential physiotherapy services provided by Ministry of Health.

What if I want to be seen physically?

Unfortunately, due to the current climate of Covid-19, there is a strict protocol in place to ascertain the need to be seen physically.

The criterias for you to be seen physically are:

  • Without therapy for a period of at least one month, patient(s)/client(s)’s conditions would either likely deteriorate within one month, resulting in hospitalization
  • Patients who underwent surgeries who require inperson full assessment for pain and swelling control and effective exercise prescription
  • Trauma Patients
  • Acute stroke or chronic neurological conditions that will deteriorate or have poor outcome without rehabilitation
  • Patients in acute unrelenting pain which does not respond well to medication.

How do I get a telephysio appointment?

After making an appointment with us either by calling or messaging, you will need to download an application called zoom to be used for videocalling and use your email address to make an account. You will then be given instructions by your physiotherapist on how to join the teleconference for your session.

As usual, I hope this post has been useful to you. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Otherwise, stay safe!