The Importance of Exercise in Physiotherapy

Blog, / By Shi Qi Yap

If you attend any physiotherapy session before, there must be some home therapeutic exercises given for you to do at home. Do you really follow your therapist’s instruction to do those home exercises?

In today’s blog, we’re going to discuss the role of physiotherapy exercise play into your recovery journey and why it is so important for you to follow your therapist’s instruction to do those home exercises.

The Reasons Why Your Physiotherapy Exercises So Important

1. It affects your recovery

Most of the time, your physiotherapy session will end by doing exercises and some home exercise tips are given to strengthen your weak muscles and speed up your recovery. If you aren’t doing the exercises prescribed, it can make the treatment last much longer than needed and essentially setting back your recovery.

2. It reduces the likelihood of re-injury

Your pain, range and other symptoms might be improved right after the manual therapy, but exercises are always the actual treatment that will help you to build up your strength and endurance. Therefore, minimize the rate of recurrence of the same injury.

3. It Corrects altered movement mechanics

After an injury, your body might undergo a resting time for your injury side to be recovered. This can cause overcompensation to other body part to take over the works that initially done by your injury part, therefore, altered in joint mechanics. Repetitions of the exercise can help you to restore these losses and correct the compensatory patterns, improve joint mobilities, tissues flexibility and strengthen muscle group.

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Yap Shi Qi

Rehab Therapist


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