Physiotherapy and CrossFit

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CrossFit is the hottest growing sports that many people in Singapore are doing. It involves constantly varied functional movements at high intensity. The key here is high intensity. As a result, CrossFit has a reputation of causing injuries. Studies have proven this.

The Truth About CrossFit Injuries

The big question is. Does CrossFit really cause more injuries? The short answer is, just about as much as any other sports. CrossFit requires participants to perform specific movements. These movements demands that you have a certain amount of basic range and movements in your joints and for them to be performed correctly. Injuries happen when participants do not meet the basic requirements or are not doing the movements correctly. Just like any other sports, when you don’t perform the required movements correctly, you risk getting injured. Furthermore, these movements are performed repetitively which exacerbates the risk of injuries.

One other cited cause of injuries in CrossFit is doing exercises without supervision. So, it is important that you have a coach to train you in this.

How Can Physiotherapy Help?

  1. Physiotherapist are the movement experts. Your coach, trainer, or instructors, no matter what their certifications are, they are not experts in physical function, movement, and mobility – physiotherapists are. If you’re serious about remaining injury free, and want to have the best possible shot at recovering from injuries should they occur, you will need to work with a physiotherapist.
  2. Physiotherapy keeps you consistent in training. If you sustain an acute or overuse injury, you will have to skip workouts. Not only will you miss out on the fitness benefits (assuming proper form and technique), but the camaraderie that the community is so well known for. Regular physiotherapy can help keep this from happening because again, consistent physio is instrumental in injury prevention and repair.

We hope you can understand how important it is to do CrossFit properly. Below is a video of a proper deadlift (commonly done in crossfit) movement. If you want to see more useful videos, check out our YouTube Channel. Do contact us to get yourself assessed to see if you are good to start CrossFit!