Physiotherapy & Post-Pregnancy

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A lot of times we see patients that are suffering from pains and problems with relation to their pelvic health. However, these patients have been referred usually by a doctor as they were unaware that physiotherapy could help. In this blog, we discuss the importance of physiotherapy post-pregnancy through the type of problems you can avoid with the help of physiotherapy.


Otherwise known as leaking, this can sometimes be at the most inopportune of times and cause trouble to some. Urinary leakage is a common problem we see, and it is essentially the pelvic floor of the patient being weakened post-pregnancy. With physiotherapy, we enable you to engage your pelvic floor by prescribing exercises to prevent incontinence. This is especially during everyday day to day functional movements where it is most likely to occur. Our therapist, Peh Chia, has previously written more about incontinence in this

Diastasis Recti

Mummy tummy is another common post-pregnancy issue we see here at Elevate Physiotherapy. This is a separation of your abdominal muscles during pregnancy and the muscle fails to tighten up post-pregnancy. In this blog, we share how you can self-assess if you have diastasis recti. With physiotherapy, we can help you strengthen the muscles involved. This is important as the abdominal muscle not only tightens the tummy but also act as important stabilizers that are engaged through most movement.

Back Pain

Post-partum low back pain is a very regular occurrence, but you should not be alarmed. However, it is easily treatable with physiotherapy. The hormones involved pregnancy also loosen the joints and ligaments for the ease of childbirth. This could be a cause for low back pain as your strength of your muscles around your spine and pelvis is still weak. Here at Elevate Physiotherapy, we customise a treatment plan that encompasses different types of exercise to strengthen and alter the way you move post-pregnancy.

To conclude, these are 3 common problems you as a mother face post-pregnancy. I hope you have gained some insight on the importance of physiotherapy post-partum. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or book an appointment with one of our therapists for an evaluation.

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