Why Do I Need Rehab During Pregnancy?

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Continuing from our previous post about postnatal care, this week we will share about how rehab and physiotherapy is impactful during pregnancy. Here at Elevate Physiotherapy, we offer services that will help you during your pregnancy. These include prenatal massage, prenatal exercises as well as Pilates. Below are the many benefits of prenatal rehab care during pregnancy which facilitates a successful childbirth.

Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Otherwise known as gestational weight gain, women who begin pregnancy should be expected to gain weight. However, there are some who exceed the recommended weight gain. In the picture below, you can see the recommended weight gain during pregnancy based on your weight before beginning pregnancy. Excessive gestation weight gain has been correlated to certain issues during pregnancy such as hypertension or having a cesarean delivery.

What can we do for you?

Our therapists are experienced in managing and helping with those who have a higher gestational weight gain. We can prescribe suitable exercises for you as well as clinical Pilates so that you are in the optimal state for a successful childbirth. 

Low Back Pain

Many women experience lower back pain during pregnancy. An increase in lumbar lordosis during pregnancy can add heavier load on the spine and also increase the muscle tension around.

What can we do for you?

We provide prenatal massage which helps in relieving the back pain and reducing the intensity of the back pain. On top of that, our therapists may suggest some core stability and pelvic floor exercises to help manage the pain.

Improved Labour Outcomes

Lastly, pregnant women who have maintained a regular exercise routine have also been associated with less pain and a shorter labor. Exercise impacts the changes in your body as well as your hormones that improves uterine endurance. This allows overall improvement in labor outcomes.

What can we do for you?

We highly recommend our Clinical Pilates service as this is a challenging yet safe way of maintaining exercise while preparing for childbirth. The movements taught specifically target the issues you may face during pregnancy.

What Can You Do for Yourself?

Regular low intensity exercises like swimming, Pilates, Yoga, or brisk walking are beneficial in minimizing the chance of getting pregnancy- related back pain and weight gain. Belly belt or band is another excellent choice to support your growing belly and absorb pelvic weight, especially during the late pregnancy. 

In conclusion, there are many other positive outcomes that are associated with prenatal care and how it will be able to facilitate a successful childbirth.  Contact us or drop us a message to book an appointment if you are interested!

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